Our monthly testimonials and complements from our learners

“Danny was a great help. Brilliant assessor.” – Female,26

Assessor:Danny Hartley


“I would like to thank my assessor Jas, she has supported and motivated me in the past few months. I felt comfortable with her and she has been consistent.” – Female, 34

Assessor: Jaspreet Nijjar


“Thank you to Ailey for all your support throughout my time doing my Health and Social Care level 3.” – Female, 46

Assessor: Ailey Baker


“I have passed my level 3 with full support with Omega assessors and looking forward to do level 5 with Omega. ” – Female, 29

Assessor: Catherine Cresswell


“Rachel has been very supportive and her communication with me has been on a level that I understand. ” – Female, 51

Assessor: Rachel Daniels


“Charlotte and Kat have been supportive and helped me catch up.” – Female, 40

Assessor: Charlotte Stack and Kathryn Dunhill-Eddins


“Staff were polite and really supportive – Louise and Frances when they supported me for my exams. ” – Female, 21

Assessor: Amanda Broadhead, Louise Organ & Frances Gale


“The distance learning tutor from Birmingham who helped me finish the qualification was tremendously professional and helpful and supportive. ” – Female, 33

Assessor: Chelly Truran


“Sophie has been a great support whatever I needed. I feel as though I have been supported throughout.” -Female, 37

Assessor: Sophia Wood


“I have been supported by Lewis throughout my qualification. Thank you. ” – Female, 35

Assessor: Lewis Taylor


“Glad I have a lovely assessor to help with any advice and help if needed I feel glad and pleased I’ve finished. Thank you. ” – Female, 38

Assessor: Lewis Taylor


“I would like to say I could not have had a better assessor, she always turned up on time and very supportive. ” – Female, 44

Assessor: Ailey Baker


“Lewis has been fantastic with the support he has given me. I am really grateful to him. ” – Female, 51

Assessor: Lewis Taylor


“Very much enjoyed the whole experience and could certainly recommend it. ” – Female, 23

Assessor: Lewis Taylor


“Just a big thank you to both my assessors and Omega, for all of their help and support and patience with me. ” – Female, 52

Assessor: Sophia Wood


“My assessor has been great and really good with support. ” – Female , 25

Assessor: Sarah Tambie


“I have received great support.” – Female, 45

Assessor: Sophia Wood


“Ramila did a fantastic job and was very supportive. ” – Female, 38

Assessor: Ramila Bi


“Thank you for all the support. ” – Female,31

Assessor: Angela Jordan


“Very helpful and supportive. ” – Female, 34

Assessor: Ramila Bi


“Erin has been very helpful and given plenty of support when needed. Fits around myself when I have been unable to meet. ” – Female, 31

Assessor: Erin Marshall


“Nicolle has been very helpful with the support she has given for me to gain my level 3. ” – Female, 29

Assessor: Nicolle Bailey


“Jas was really good. ” – Female, 42

Assessor: Jaspreet Nijjar


“Very pleased and happy with Michelle, she has been very supportive and motivated me to complete my training. ” – Female, 40

Assessor: Michelle Barrett


“Michelle was very supportive, she gave me determination to continue to work and complete my work. I find the course very straight forward. Michelle empowered me to finish my work. All when I wanted to give up she encouraged and prompted me. Well done Michelle!” – Female, 48

Assessor: Michelle Barrett


“My NVQ assessor was very supportive and met with me regularly. ” – Female, 32

Assessor: Michelle Barrett


Last updated: 20/09/2018

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