Our recent testimonials and complements from our learners. From both our offices in the West Midlands and West Yorkshire.

Birmingham testimonials

“Becky was really good.” – Female, 67
Assessor: Rebecca Khan

Megan was excellent with supporting me.– Female, 50
Assessor: Megan Callaghan

“I found Michelle helpful.” – Female, 50
Assessor: Michelle Barrett

“Michelle was very friendly and supportive, couldn’t have asked for a better assessor.” – Female, 29
Assessor:Michelle Barrett

“100% very pleased with Sophie’s patience and support she has shown us.” – Female, 55
Assessor:Sophia Wood

“Yes at all times, Megan was very helpful throughout my course.” – Female, 25
Assessor:Megan Callaghan

“My assessor Meg, she has been very helpful to me.” – Female, 37
Assessor:Megan Callaghan

“Michelle was very knowledgeable, explained the units in depth. She guided me on how best to answer the questions. “ – Female, 46
Assessor: Michelle Barrett

“Michelle’s support was really helpful and she understands my needs. Michelle is a great assessor and very helpful” – Female, 34
Assessor: Michelle Barrett

“I was given great support” – Female, 27
Assessor: Sarah Tambie

“Sarah has been amazing, very supportive” – Female, 49
Assessor: Sarah Tambie

“Michelle has given great support.Thank you for the support given to me in my course progress.” – Female, 28
Assessor: Michelle Barrett

“Michelle has been very supportive, she well guided me and gave me good advice. Without her I do not think I would have completed this. As I said, Michelle was a great assessor who was very supportive, she responded immediately to questions.” – Male, 42
Assessor: Michelle Barrett

“I was given so much support above and beyond. At one point I was ready to give up and Michelle made and encouraged me to carry on. I have actually done my level 3 and level 5 with Omega and felt the support I has was great. Few hiccups. Can I please state that Michelle has always encouraged me and is a great teacher.” – Female, 51
Assessor: Michelle Barrett

“Yes I received lots of support from Charlotte” – Female, 30
Assessor: Charlotte Mellerick

“My tutor was very good and helpful throughout my NVQ” – Female, 24
Assessor: Megan Callaghan

“All help I needed I got from my assessor. They was very helpful.” – Female, 25
Assessor: Charlotte Mellerick

“Very happy with the help and support when needed. Assessors very friendly.” – Female, 28
Assessor:Charlotte Mellerick

“Megan was a really helpful assessor. Would send me additional work as soon as it was requested and kept in touch with me regularly.”

“I enjoyed completing my NVQ 3 and had plenty of support from my assessor.”

“Sarah was fantastic, very supportive and motivating. Couldn’t have asked for more.”

“Thank you for giving me this opportunity which has given me a lot of knowledge and confidence in progressing.”

Wakefield testimonials

“Omega Training- I would recommend you to all health and social providers. You are professional in all you do and give good support to all learners. Support was fantastic from Amanda. Especially when dealing with Maths. I now feel more confident when attempting any maths project. A big thank you to Amanda.” – Female, 48
Assessor: Amanda Broadhead

“Very supportive.” – Female, 46
Assessor: Kate Platts

Employer feedback

Pam now has a much greater understanding of care and she has shown full knowledge of being in care.”

Emily has become more efficient and much more aware of the business procedures and policies and overall Emily is more proficient in her role.”

Last updated: 30/07/2019

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