Our monthly testimonials and complements from our learners


“Assessors were amazing” – Female, 24


Assessor: Chantelle Walker and Lewis Taylor

“The support that has been given to me has been great, Rachel has given me the confidence throughout the whole NVQ, making me eager to do my NVQ 3.” – Female, 51


Assessor: Rachel Daniels

“Rachel was very helpful and was great at getting me through tough stages. ” – Male, 49


Assessor: Rachel Daniels

“I had very good support from the assessor, very good knowledge was learnt. ” – Male, 35


Assessor: Angela Jordan

“I have had plenty of support with my functional skills, I really found it easy to work with my assessor. ” – Male, 25


Assessor: Ramila Bi

“Angie has gave me support while doing my NVQ and has gave me guidance when needed. ” – Female, 28


Assessor: Angela Jordan

“Sarah was very helpful and always positive, really gave me the push I needed to get my work done. ” – Male, 20


Assessor: Sarah Tambie

“Sarah has been very patient with me, motivated me to complete my qualification, supported me and advised me on how to make it easy for myself. I would recommend Sarah should be rewarded, she’s a very supportive excellent assessor. ” – Female, 27


Assessor: Sarah Tambie

“Rachel has been fantastic.” – Female, 23


Assessor: Rachel Daniels

“Very happy with my assessor.” – Female, 33


Assessor: Lewis Taylor

“Chantelle has been a productive tutor and help has been delivered when asked. ” – Male,27


Assessor: Chantelle Walker

“Just want to thank Megan for her hard work and support from start to finish with my qualification. ” – Male, 59


Assessor:Megan Callaghan

“I found my assessor to be a very nice helpful lady.” – Male, 49 Assessor: Chantelle Walker

“Cathy, my assessor, supported me all the way helped me to complete my health and social care. ” – Female, 23


Assessor: Catherine Cresswell

“Very happy with the service.” – Female, 22


Assessor: Catherine Cresswell

“Sophia is a great assessor. ” – Female, 22


Assessor: Sophia Wood

“Sophia has been a great help with achieving my NVQ level 2. ” – Female, 47 Assessor: Sophia Wood

“Thank you to Jaspreet for all the help and support in the past months to help me. She has been great!” – Female, 33


Assessor: Jaspreet Nijjar

“Jaspreet was a great assessor. ” – Female, 48


Assessor: Jaspreet Nijjar

“Feel well supported and when I have had queries they have been answered swiftly and correctly. ” – Male, 25

Last updated: 09/08/2018