Our monthly complements from our learners


“Erin is the best of all the assessors that I have come across during this course. She is very supportive and helpful, always on time and never misses an appointment.” – Male (37)
Assessor: Erin Marshall

“Sophia has been amazing and very supportive. She is one of the very few I can speak to without shame of feeling stupid.” – Male (27)
Assessor: Sophia Wood

“Sarah T has been very supportive and efficient.” – Female (53)
Assessor: Sarah Tambie

“My NVQ was much easier to do than I originally thought and I would like to thank my assessor, Lewis, for all of his help with it and making it more fun and making me believe I could achieve this award. It was enjoyable to do.” – Female (57)
Assessor: Lewis Taylor

“Nicolle was very helpful. Any problems that I did have she was able to support me.” – Female (56)
Assessor: Nicolle Bailey

“Megan has been excellent throughout doing my NVQ.” – Female (20)
Assessor: Megan Callaghan

“Charlotte was always a very positive, encouraging and helpful assessor, always replied to my queries and has been a pleasure to work with.” – Female (43)
Assessor: Charlotte Stanley

“Becky has been amazing, supportive all the way through.” – Female (30)
Assessor: Rebecca Khan

“Sarah T was able to assist with any enquiries I had and assisted me to ensure I completed my award. I have enjoyed finishing my award and will look forward to doing my level 3.” – Female (17)
Assessor: Sarah Tambie

“I would like to thank Angie and Becky for all the help and support they have been giving me, I really appreciate all the help. Thank you!” – Female (31)
Assessor: Angela Jordan \ Rebecca Khan

“Thank you Becky for giving me support for my maths and English. Thanks Angie for her excellent support, patience, good listener and time for me during my course.” – Female (50)
Assessor: Angela Jordan \ Rebecca Khan

“Meg has been a really good assessor.” – Female (47)
Assessor: Megan Callaghan

“The feedback Sophia gave me motivated me to do more. She is a very good assessor for those that English is their second language, she speaks/explains very clearly.” – Female (50)
Assessor: Sophia Wood


Last updated: 10/04/2018