Welcome to the resources section.

Our resources include our four publications and a page of external links which you may find useful.


Omega Training Services publishes a newsletter and supplemental materials for all visitors to view. These are available at our offices, or can be downloaded for offline use.


Our company newsletter provides general news on the company as well as any information our learners will need to be aware of.

New issues are available every 4 months.

Click here for the Newsletter archive

Spotlight On

“Spotlight on” focuses on current issues within social media. It aims to offer information about current topics that may be the focal point of discussion with friends or colleagues.

New issues are available every 2 months.

Click here for the Spotlight On archive

Omega Health

“Omega Health” is our effort to promote healthy living, covering general health and safety topics.

New issues of Omega Health is available every 2 months

Click here for the Omega Health archive

Prevent Bulletin

The Prevent Bulletin will provide information relating to the Prevent strategy as well as public safety.

New issues are available every 4 months

Click here for the Prevent Bulletin archive

Information, Advice and Guidance

We also provide a directory of sites relating to government, education and safeguarding though our Information, Advice and Guidance page.

Click here for the Information, Advice and Guidance page

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