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Put Safety First On Your Christmas List This Year


The festive season is upon us and no doubt the streets will be packed with Christmas shoppers, restaurants will be filled with friends and families enjoying time together and bars will be packed with people getting together to make memories. It is important to ensure that you keep yourself and others safe during this busy time, it is well known that robbery is at an all time high over the festive season so there are a few tips you can follow to keep yourself and your personal belongings safe.

  1. If you don’t feel safe then move to somewhere busier where you can be seen, trust your instincts
  2. Always plan your route home and avoid areas you don’t feel comfortable in, or where the street lighting it poor
  3. Always let people know where you are if you are travelling home alone
  4. Try where possible to travel with other people, if you cant then text or call each other when you get home safely
  5. Carry your personal belongings safely, ideally wear a bag with a strap across your body
  6. Try to use the cash point during the day, to save using this on the night when you are out, as this can alert people to you
  7. Avoid carrying your wallet, purse or phone in your pocket and never hold it out on display


Christmas is usually the time of year when most people over indulge. We over indulge on fine food, delicious cakes and alcohol. Whether your enjoying time with family, friends or enjoying a few glasses of prosecco at the works Christmas party, think and don’t get behind the wheel. Alcohol, as we all know, can affect people’s judgement and vulnerability so at this time of year remind yourself about how your actions and reactions can have a devastating impact on other peoples lives. For more information and for nominating your HERO OF THE ROAD this Christmas please visit

Think, be wise and don’t drink and drive


While your out shopping, so are they……………

Keep your home safe this Christmas and be wise about where you store your valuable items. There is nothing as devastating as knowing someone has been in to your home and taken your valuable items, but unfortunately for too many people this is happening more and more over the festive season. With Christmas presents around the tree, this is a prime opportunity for unwanted visitors to let themselves in to your home.

Keep your home safe this Christmas by following some simple tips:

  1.  When you go out remember to lock all windows and doors, but keep a light on, or buy a light timer if you plan to be out for a long amount of time
  2. Avoid keeping a lot of money in the house
  3.  Remove letters and flyers from your doorstep, otherwise this indicates someone may not have been home for a while
  4. Don’t promote being away from home on Social Media Platforms
  5. Ensure any house alarms or surveillance cameras are always in good working order

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