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Childhood obesity, and excess weight, are significant health issues for individual children, their families and public health. It can have serious implications for the physical and mental health of a child, which can then follow on into adulthood. The numbers of children who continue to have an unhealthy, and potentially dangerous, weight, is a national public health concern. (Public Health England)

Are you aware of the risks of childhood obesity?

Potential effects of Obesity include:
•High Cholesterol
•High Blood Pressure
•Bone and joint problems
•Breathing difficulties
•Emotional and behavioural issues
•Low Self Esteem

Preventions of Obesity

Ensure children have a healthy & active lifestyle.
•Lots of fruit and vegetables
•Balanced diet
•Exercise and physical activities
•Limited time sat watching TV or on game consoles
•Education, talk to children about the importance of healthy eating.

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