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This month’s issue of the newsletter focuses on the new funding available for RQFs

UPDATE (02/10/2018): Our latest prevent bulletin is now online. This newsletter has been amended to reflect this.
UPDATE (25/10/2018): We have just recently posted more details on the Workforce Development Fund, you can find out more here.

There is funding available for RQF qualifications only through the AEB budget! Don’t miss out!

As always there is eligibility that will need to be met for this funding, however if your staff meet the criteria they will receive full funding for their first Level 2 or Level 3 qualification.

For more information on the eligibility criteria please contact Ailey Baker on 0121 433 3548, she will be able to discuss this with you and arrange to enrol your staff if they meet the requirements.

Through this budget there are also a number of short courses available that we are able to provide to your staff team, again they will need to meet the eligibility criteria however if they do, these courses will be fully funded and will enhance the skills and knowledge of your employees.

Whilst there are opportunities to receive full funding don’t miss the chance to train your staff.

Have you heard of the Workforce Development fund?

If you haven’t then please contact us on 0121 433 3548 for more information on how you can claim money back for training your staff.

We will complete the required claim documentation to take away the extra work involved, leaving this a hassle free process.

New Apprenticeship Standards

In January 2018 the new Apprenticeship Standards for Health and Social Care Level 2 and 3 were introduced. All learners enrolled on to a Health and Social Care Level 2 or 3 qualification will be registered on the new standards and will have an end point assessment to complete in order to fully achieve their Framework.

To successfully meet the requirements for the new standards all apprentices enrolled on the Health and Social Care Level 2 and 3 qualifications will need to achieve the following elements:

  • RQF in Health and Social Care
  • Functional Skills English and Maths
  • Care Certificate
  • End Point Assessment

Health and Social Care Level 2 is now known as RQF Adult Care Worker and the Health and Social Care Level 3 is now known as RQF Lead Adult Care Worker.
Learners will have to complete end point assessment as part of the new standards, this will include a multiple choice assessment and a discussion. The end point assessment will be conducted externally to Omega Training, however as the training provider we will support the learner through the process and ensure they are fully prepared to undertake the relevant assessments.
If you would like any further information on the Apprenticeship standards or would like to speak to someone about enrolling your staff on a qualification with us then please contact Ailey Baker on 0121 433 3548.

Spotlight On

Have you read it yet?

Every two months we issue a Spotlight On to all of our learners, this focuses on current issues within the social media and it aims to offer information and tackle current topics that may be the focal point of group discussion with friends or colleagues. As a training provider we are committed to sharing this information with our learners and also raising awareness of any situations or issues we are currently facing on a daily basis.

September 2018 Spotlight On is focused on………… Sexism in Sport

Omega Health

Every two months we publish our Omega Health, this is issued to all of our learners. We started our Omega Health earlier in the year and it has been extremely popular with our
learners and has been recognised by some of our employers.

In the Omega Health we aim to inform our learners of ways to keep themselves safe and healthy and we hope to promote a positive well-being. We inform them of issues that people in the UK are facing on a daily basis. In July our Omega Health focused on Male suicide. Our September Omega Health will focus on Sexually Transmitted Diseases.

Check out our Facebook page

To find out information on any current issues and information please check out our Facebook page. This is regularly updated and you will find lots of useful information.

FE Choices Learner Survey Results

We have received the results of our FE Choices Learner Surveys, which were conducted between November 2017 and April 2018.
We are pleased to inform you that we received a final score of 94.5% out of 100%.
We are still waiting for the results of our employer surveys, but we look forward to sharing these with you when they are published.

Short Courses

Below is a list of short courses that we offer free of charge for any learner currently on a
programme with us. Each learner has access to one certificated course of their choice. The
courses on offer are:

  • First Aid
  • Manual Handling
  • Health and Safety

To book a place on these courses and for more information please contact us on 0121 433 3548.

Its a boy!

We would like to say a huge congratulations to staff member Nicolle Bailey and her Family. In August Nicolle gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Mother and baby are both doing well. We would like to wish Nicolle a very relaxing maternity leave with her beautiful little boy.

Prevent and your responsibility as the Employer

As an employer you have the responsibility to ensure your staff team have an understanding of Prevent, you are responsible for ensuring you have the correct Safeguarding procedures in place and that your employees adhere to and understand these. As a training provider we will be asking you to prove you have the correct safeguarding procedures in the workplace, that you regularly train your staff team and that you have a sound understanding of the Prevent Duty.

We will also deliver training to our learners on Channel, Prevent and British Values to ensure they are equipped to deal with life and issues that they may face in modern Britain.
If you have any questions surrounding Prevent please speak to your TLA Co-ordinator about it, or contact the office on 0121 433 3548.

OMEGA’S PREVENT BULLETIN– this month our Prevent Bulletin focus’s on Gang Culture.

DBS for Learners

Since January 2018 is has been a requirement for all learners on the new Apprenticeship Standards in Health and Social Care to have a current DBS. It is best practice and a requirement that all learners have a DBS within two years, therefore it is current. It is the responsibility of the employer to provide this DBS. Please be aware that our staff will be asking learners about their DBS and
checking that this has been done. If you have any questions surrounding DBS please contact Ailey Baker on 0121 433 3548.

Learner Awards

Every quarter we will be asking our employers to nominate an employee that they feel has excelled within their job role and made a difference to their organisation.
Our TLA’s will be asking their employers for nominations and a winner will be chosen at the end of each quarter and issued with a certificate of excellence.
Our first nominations will take place in December 2018, so if you think one of your employees has benefited from working towards their qualification please nominate them. This will increase their confidence both inside the workplace and out.
We look forward to sharing the nominations and our well deserved winner with you in our next newsletter.

The offline version of our newsletter can be found here

At Omega we value the opinions of both our learners and employers, therefore we would like to know what you would like to see in our next newsletter? Please use our contact form to give feedback.
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