This Month’s newsletter focuses on changes to apprenticeship funding as well as news on a new apprenticeship initiative, the Ladder.

Update (27/03/2019): Added related publications that were mentioned in the offline copy of the newsletter

Changes to Apprenticeship Funding from the 01st April 2019

On Monday 01st April the Employer contribution for Non Levy Employers will be reducing from 10% to 5%, which is fantastic news for our employers.

Since the introduction of the Levy in May 2017 Employers have been expected to either pay the full cost if they are Levy or a 10% contribution if they are Non Levy and this has had an impact, nationally on employers enrolling learners on to qualifications. Training your workforce is vitally important and will allow your employees to gain the relevant knowledge and skills to enable them to do their job to the best of their ability.

With the reduction of the contribution to 5% on the 01st April 2019 we anticipate that this will have a big impact on the training sector and the number of apprentices that employers will enrol.
If you have staff that you need to enrol and train and would like to take advantage of this reduced cost then please contact us on 0121 433 3548.

FE Choices Surveys

On Monday 26th November the learner surveys opened on behalf of the ESFA through FE Choices Ipsos Mori. These surveys will remain open until Friday 03rd May 2019.

During this time we will be making contact with learners who will be chosen at random to identify whether they are satisfied with the services being provided. Learners will be
encouraged to complete the surveys, and we welcome all feedback received. Any constructive feedback received will be acted upon.

Employer surveys will be open on Monday 25th March. You will be asked to visit the website and complete the survey. Our custom-er service team will be contacting you and providing you with your unique ID reference and the link to access the survey.

We would like to thank you in advance for your support and participation in this survey.

The Ladder

There is a new initiative that is travelling around the country, this is called the Ladder.

Our Birmingham office has expressed an interest in the Ladder for Birmingham, which helps to promote apprenticeships in the City. The Ladder is there to support the regions businesses and apprenticeships.

Members of staff from Omega will be talking to you on a regular basis about the Ladder and what is involved, as an employer this gives you the opportunity to shout about what you are doing in your organisation and to find out more about employing apprentices.

For more information on the Ladder please visit

Employer Coffee Morning

On Wednesday 06th March and Thursday 07th March we held a coffee morning for our employers. We were really pleased to see some familiar faces and to have the chance to speak to our employers and inform them of changes within the training sector. This gave us the opportunity to discuss new courses we are delivering and the funding options surrounding these courses. It also gave us the chance to discuss learners we have on the programme with their employers and to give them an update on the learners progress. Our Customer Service Team collected feedback from our employers during both mornings and the feedback received was very complimentary.

Please see some of the comments received from employers who attended:

  • Omega are very relevant in the care sector
  • Omega are very supportive and always available
  • Omega have a successful pass rate and have good communication with me
  • Worked with Omega for 9 years, they are flexible, helpful and knowledgeable in every field

Office hours over bank holiday Easter weekend

Our offices will be closed from 5pm on Thursday 18th April 2019 and will reopen on Tuesday 23rd April 2019 at 8.15am.

There will be an answer machine in operation during this time and all messages will be responded to following the Easter break.

All the staff at Omega Training Services Limited would like to wish you and your families a very happy Easter.

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