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Spotlight on – Domestic Violence

This issue of Spotlight on focuses on Domestic Violence Domestic abuse is an incident or pattern of incidents of controlling, threatening, degrading and violent behaviour including sexual violence. In most cases, the perpetrator can be a partner, ex-partner, family member or a carer. It is more common than you may realise, as both men and women can be effected, however more women come forward to report these cases than men. An estimated 1.9 million adults aged 16 to 59 years

Spotlight on – July 2017

This year Samaritans Awareness Day is being held on 24th July 2017. Therefore Omega have focused the Spotlight On.. Emotional Support. There are several everyday factors which can result in an individual feeling stressed, unable to cope or very emotional. Such as money worries, heavy work schedules and unsteady relationships. Feeling stressed or not your typical self can have an impact on many areas of your life, therefore it is important to recognise any issues you, or someone else, may

Spotlight on – Coercive Control

What is Coercive Control? In 2015 the UK Government introduced new laws which carry a maximum 5 year jail The law – which has been praised by women’s charities – can help victims achieve justice and will hope-fully instigate cultural change around this lesser-known side of domestic abuse. Coercive Control is the emotional and psychological abuse of a partner, through threats and restrictions, as well as physical violence.

Spotlight on … November 2016

In this edition we focus the Spotlight On … Bullying and Harassment This year Anti Bullying Week is being held from the 14th till 18th November 2016 therefore Omega have put the Spotlight On… Bullying and Harassment. The purpose of the week is to raise awareness of bullying that can effect both children and adults. Bullying takes place as much in a playground as it does in a workplace and can often cause people a lot of distress. This month’s

Spotlight on … September 2016

In this edition we focus the Spotlight On … Success Stories With the Olympics last month and the Paralympics approaching, Omega have focused this months Equality and Diversity Spotlight Topic on ‘Success Stories’. Recently the Olympics has inspired most of us, whether this is through the athletes who still have day to day jobs, or the bravery of paralympians, who compete in a sport they love, despite having a disability. Proving to us all that it doesn’t matter who you

Spotlight on… May 2016

UPDATE (07/09/2016): Due to mistakes in the issue of Spotlight, we have made an amended version available In this edition we focus the Spotlight On … Change. Change is a big part of people’s personal and working life and it is often difficult to have a strategy to cope with changes that may be happening around you. Often things that are changing are out of your control which makes them even more difficult to accept. Here at Omega we have

Spotlight on…March 2016

In this edition we focus the Spotlight On … Sleep The purpose of this issue of Spotlight On is to inform you about the side effects associated with too much or not enough sleep. The wrong amount of sleep can lead to many different physical and mental issues including diabetes and brain fog. Insomnia, the difficulty getting to sleep or staying asleep for long enough to feel refreshed the next morning, is a common problem in the UK. It is

Spotlight on… January 2016

In this edition of Spotlight On, we’ll be focusing on CPD and Progression Routes. CPD is short for continuing professional development, which is maintaining knowledge and skills related to your job or profession. CPD ensures your skills are up to date and you understand the sector that you work in. Progression routes explain the different paths you might take to achieve a particular career goal or job role. Some are very straight forward, for example to be a vet you

Spotlight on (July 2015)

In this edition we focus the Spotlight On … Domestic Violence. Recorded incidents of domestic violence are on the rise, this is often seen in the media and proves that anyone can be a victim. For this reason it is important to raise awareness of the meaning of domestic violence and also how you can help those who may be effected. It is often thought that only women are the victims of domestic violence but this is not the case,

Spotlight on (Issue 26 – May 2015)

In this edition we focus the Spotlight On …Mental health awareness. During the month of May is Mental Health Awareness week to raise public awareness on the struggle that some people live with every day. Mental health is not always something that can be physically seen and therefore is often over shadowed. The purpose of this article is to give you the facts and figures about mental health illnesses and also how you can help those around you who may

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